NorMar Boom Reels

The NorMar boom reels are built from coated mild steel, with hot dip galvanized centre pipe. These are manufactured with hydraulic operating valves and quick couplings for easy hook-up to a vessel´s central hydraulic system, or an independent hydraulic power pack. The reels can be mounted on a bottom foundation called turntable, which is operated by a hydraulic cylinder, giving a turn of +- 30 degrees.

QualiTech Boom Reels

QualiTech Environmental offers boom reels to accommodate any amount and style of containment boom. Reels are designed, engineered and manufactured in the US.

Containerized Systems

QualiTech Environmental offers a multitude of containerized storage solutions. Containerized boom reels with hydraulic powerpacks and skimmers mounted internally to offer a minimum maintenance and response ready capabilities. As well as containerized log booms and inflatable boom for storage away from the elements allowing for a longer lifespan.

NOFI Oil Barge

The NOFI Inflatable Oil Barge is probably the most versatile temporary oil storage system available due to the operational features of recovering and discharging the recovered oil to and from the unit. It is easy to use and improved efficiency due to open access and flexibility in choice of suitable skimmer/discharge systems. The NOFI Inflatable Oil Barge is an important contribution to the problem of temporary storage of oil and oil emulsions.


  • FASTANK 1500 / 2000
  • FASTANK 1,3,5
  • FASTANK Rapide
  • Wildlife Rescue System
  • Wildlife Rescue Pen
  • FASTANK Cascade