Synthetic Pads
Synthetic Rolls
Snare on Rope


QualiTech’s cotton sorbent is 100% biodegradable. This sorbent is best suited for a situation where sorbent is required but its retrieval may be in question; either retrieving it is not an option or retrieving 100% of the sorbent may not be possible.



  • Biodegradable
  • All natural
  • Non-leaching
  • Works on land and water, especially on Shorelines
  • Non-Toxic
  • Lightweight
  • Passes the Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure, the Point Filter Test and the Liquid Release Test


Synthetic Pads

  • Great for small spills
  • Good for both land and water
  • Oil only, dimpled oil absorbent pads
  • Industrial and environmental applications
  • Heavy-weight pads


Synthetic Rolls

  • Different types and sizes
  • Great for hard to reach oil spills
  • Can be made out of different types of material including peat and polypropylene


Snare on a Rope

  • Effective method used for viscous or weathered crude oils
  • Consists of ½ lb. cluster of oleophilc fibers that attract oil and reject water
  • Reusable
  • Weighs 15 lbs.
  • Different sizes are available