Bioavailability for optimal performance at every stage.

Trace minerals and vitamins from QualiTech help your dairy cattle improve performance in a variety of important ways including optimal growth, immunity, hoof health and reproduction. QualiTech products also provide essential components for your animals’ enzymes, hormones and cells.

Our line of rumen-protected nutrients help ensure that the investment you make in nutrition is getting where it needs to go—and doing what it needs to do. SQM protected minerals™ provide optimal bioavailability to preserve the integrity of trace minerals until they reach the point of absorption.


ANEVIS™ Rumen-Protected Niacin

SQM 4 Dairy

SQM™ Copper

SQM™ Iron

SQM™ Magnesium

SQM™ Manganese

SQM™ Zinc

SQM™ Repro-4-Mins

SQM™ 4 S/R

SQM™ Ranch Repro-4-Mins



Feedbuds® Palatability Modifiers