When it comes to effective and profitable animal performance, it’s all about getting animals to consume the right amount of the right nutrition. That takes a combination of science, innovation and sensory appeal—and that’s where Feedbuds® flavor systems from QualiTech truly excel.

Whether you want to improve palatability, mask an ingredient—or even limit intake—there’s a QualiTech Feedbuds® solution for you. With more than a half-century of leadership in creating food and feed ingredient solutions, QualiTech has developed a comprehensive line-up of Feedbuds® flavor systems focused on the sensory characteristics and product quality critical to successful animal nutrition programs.

The Building Blocks of Feedbuds® Flavor Systems

The Feedbuds® portfolio is focused on delivering long-lasting flavor and aromas, coupled with the versatility and flexibility of both powdered and liquid forms.

Feedbuds® products are formulated for optimal use in blending, with textures that are not too fine, not too coarse. You get consistency with every shipment. Quality control at every step ensures product integrity during processing, packaging and transport—so you can capture the full value of your investment in Feedbuds® flavor systems.

Sensory-Based Formulations

The QualiTech Feedbuds® portfolio provides a wide range of choice and flexibility:

  • Palatability modifiers are available in dry and liquid formulations to help maintain consistent feed consumption and optimize feed intake and performance.
  • Feedbuds® products help keep a consistent ration palatability, minimizing potential rejection when changes occur in feed source or consistency.
  • Intake limiters help control animal intake and reduce overconsumption of costly protein and energy supplements. Our Bitter Orange Dry and Bitter Orange Liquid are included in this category.
  • Custom formulations are available to meet your specific nutritional and performance targets.

A Taste for Innovation

Feedbuds® flavor systems are innovative, complex mixtures of attractant and masking compounds which deliver the optimal levels of flavor and aroma. With Feedbuds®, you
can improve feed efficiency and maximize your profit potential.

To ensure the safety and stability of Feedbuds products, QualiTech incorporates:

  • Antioxidants to help prevent rancidity
  • Emulsifiers for improved mixing and coating of feeds
  • Preservatives for extended shelf life and pelleting stability
  • High quality packaging to control loss of volatile compounds

An Endless Appetite for Collaboration & Customization

Thanks to our unmatched commitment to service and quality, our customers can count on QualiTech for a continuing stream of creative ideas, innovative products and unique customization.

Listening to your objectives and your challenges is the first step. Then we collaborate with you to find creative ways to leverage QualiTech technology and experience to create the products you need to hit your performance targets.

We offer suitable minimum order quantities and fast turnaround times, even with custom formulations. That allows you to conduct “what if” pilot formulation and feeding trials for optimized outcomes.

In the end, you have Feedbuds products that are right for your animals—and make economic sense for your bottom line.

Anise-Molasses Buds
Cherry Buds
Calf Buds Plus
Caramel Delight
Dairy Rave
Dry Garlic
Licorice Buds
Milk Buds
Molasses 100
Anise Concentrate
Apple Concentrate
Butterscotch Concentrate
Caramel Aroma Concentrate
Cherry Concentrate
Enhanced Milk Buds FS
Garlic Liquid
Milk Buds FS
Molasses 100 Concentrate
Peanut Concentrate
Persimmon Concentrate
Very Berry Concentrate™
Accelerate™ Apple Dry
Accelerate™ Berry Dry
Accelerate™ Cantaloupe Dry
Sweet Buds™ Dry

*Representative examples from our broad Feedbuds portfolio

Dry Garlic