All the power of QMIN® complexed minerals, now also available for organic crop production.

Q-Bio is designed with QualiTech’s proprietary Q-Bio technology to provide superior plant nutrition to support growth, yield and quality.
Effective uptake and translocation across a wide range of high-value crops including fruits, nuts and vegetables

Q-Bio products have been designed to optimize the following important areas when applied as recommended:

Improve the uptake of complexed nutrients into leaf tissue, and translocation of the polysaccharide-nutrient complex to metabolically important sites in the plant

Minimize formation of insoluble nutrient precipitates in soil and tank mix

Optimize compatibility with a variety of crop production products

Q-Bio’s polysaccharide technology works with the plants’ natural physiological processes to help increase uptake and translocation

Q-Bio products are registered by CDFA and WSDA

CDFA Organic Registration
WSDA Organic Registration

Q-Bio Zinc 7.5%

Q-Bio Copper 3.5%

Q-Bio Iron 5.5%

Q-Bio Manganese 5.5%

Q-Bio Magnesium 3.0%

Q-Bio Calcium 6.0% WSDA

Q-Bio Nitrogen 5.0%