Nutrients can enhance plant growth and stress tolerance – if they’re absorbed into the plant and transported where they can do their job. Not all nutrients are equal. Better uptake yields better results. QMIN technology delivers proven uptake; as a result:

  • Carbohydrates protect the micronutrients
  • Plants utilize carbohydrate energy to help them maximize growth potential
  • Nutrients get used, not wasted

Plants and growers get more from QMIN

QMIN demonstrates good root uptake, even with iron. One study tested soil application of QMIN iron. Results showed plant tissue iron increases of 8% (acid soil) and 18% (lime soil) over the control sample.


A highly compatible nutrient solution. Created from a custom blend of polysaccharides, QMIN technology forms a protective complex around the nutrient.


Across a wide variety of crops, QMIN technology has shown consistent nutrient uptake.


Plants naturally translocate polysaccharides to meet energy requirements for growth and metabolism. When the QMIN polysaccharide mineral complex enters the phloem it is recognized as an energy source and moved to the location where the sink for energy is greatest (i.e. developing growing point, fruit or nut). We are essentially tricking the plant into moving an immobile nutrient like calcium to where it is needed in the plant.


Our unique technology allows QMIN to be mixed with other products. It has broad compatibility among nutrient solutions.