Flavor-ettes™ with Omega 3

QualiTech™ Food Ingredients has teamed up with omega 3 supplier Omega Protein® to offer food manufacturers a unique opportunity to broaden their product offerings to include a healthier option – Flavor-ettesTM with OmegaPure®. QualiTech Flavor-ette™ with OmegaPure® are particulate inclusions formulated with ultra-refined fish oil, naturally rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Just one hundred grams of Flavor-ettes™ with OmegaPure® contains 10% ultra-fresh refined fish oil providing 2000 mg EPA+DHA. This allows manufacturers to easily achieve 50mg EPA and DHA per food serving.

Flavor-ettes™ provide an alternative to costly, hard to handle fruits and can be made in a healthful way to enhance nutritional labeling. In addition to OmegaPure® fish oil, Flavor-ettes™ can be formulated to deliver value added ingredients such as real fruit, vegetable content, reduced sugar, nutraceuticals, and with no trans fat, for a more nutritious final product.

To develop customized Flavor-ettes™, we can work together to choose the size, color, flavor, and formulation that works best for your application. Flavor-ettes™ are available with OmegaPure® come in several different flavors like cinnamon, blueberry, strawberry, lemon, chocolate, jalapeno, etc…

Use Flavor-ettes™ in:

• Cakes
• Muffins
• Donuts
• Bagels
• Cookies
• Snacks
• Specialty breads
• RTE cereals
• Nutrition bars
• Toppings
• pancakes
• Waffles
• Toaster pastries…
and MORE!


This proprietary formulation is specifically designed for dry mix applications, and is available in sweet and savory varieties to add flavor, mouth-feel and visual appeal to bakery, snacks, cereals and frozen entrées. The protective properties of Flavor-ettes™ provide significant ease of use, enabling EPA+DHA rich OmegaPure® oil to be readily handled, stored, and processed like any other dry ingredient.

Omega Protein Corporation is a nutrition and wellness company dedicated to delivering healthy products to the animal, human and plant nutrition industries. Omega Protein’s marine product lines are sourced from menhaden, an Omega-3 rich fish harvested along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. The Company’s vertically integrated operation provides manufacturers with consistent quality and complete traceability of each lot of oil produced.  By using the Flavor-ettesTM with OmegaPure® ingredient system , manufactures benefit from a clean label, needing to list only “menhaden fish oil” and no preservatives.

For more information on OmegaPure® please go to www.omegapure.com.