• (Rapid Deployment Skimming System)
    The R.D.S.S. packages are designed to be easily transported via land, air or sea. The R.D.S.S. is ideal for standby, refineries, offshore drilling projects, and emergency response crew. The R.D.S.S. packages have proven themselves to be the most complete, competent, unique, and versatile oil spill response system available.
  • The R.D.S.S. is founded on two metal pallets that contain fine oil spill response equipment. One huge benefit to using the R.D.S.S. is that everything works together. Each piece of equipment can be unbolted for easy repairs or to be used individually.


  • In coastal and offshore sweep operations, the BoomVane offers important advantages compared to both a two-vessel U- and J sweep towing configuration. The BoomVane’s high-speed and wave-action stability, coupled with elasticity inherent in the system, allows for unparalleled sweep width and equipment durability in different vessel sweep modes.
  • The BoomVane system manufactured by ORC AB has proven to be a unique system when used together with any of the existing Buster products. It is easy and cost efficient in use as well as it reduces the operator’s response time significantly. Safety is also an important factor as there is only on vessel involved, eliminating any communication necessary during towing as well as the risk of damaging the equipment.

Doppler Logs

The Doppler Log system is designed to provide the captain of the main towing vessel the towing speed through water (stw). Operating a large offshore conventional oil boom system in 0.7-1.2 knot stw is close to impossible without knowing the stw in any configuration. The system utilizes a Doppler Sensor, measuring the speed at approximately 2 meters depth up against the water flow and inside the boom. The signal is sent through a radio link and displayed on a small lap top “speedometer”. A silent alarm for low and high speed is provided together with a log of the speed during the operation. The system is built to only have on/off fusion on the sensor and charging of batteries.


Miros OSD (Oil Spill Detection) is the radar-based fully automatic oil spill detection system used on more than 100 vessels, offshore installations and ports around the world. In addition to the radar signals, the system is capable of integrating a thermal (IR) imager to add the ability of localizing the area where the oil slick is the thickest. Optionally, a low light camera module can be added to the thermal imager unit. As a result, recovery operations can be carried out day and night with the highest efficiency.

Spare Parts

Spare parts are offered for all of the equipment QualiTech sells.