We have been involved on virtually every major oil spill in the past three decades. Projects range from regional response programs for identified geographical areas to compete contingency plans and response capabilities on a national level. We were the primary suppliers to the Marine Spill Response Corporation that was founded in the United States in the early 90’s with an original capital budget in excess of one-billion dollars. We remain their primary response management consultants still today. We have been working with O’Brien’s Response Management now Witt-O’Brien’s since 1987.


2013-2014 Marine Spill Response Corporation (MSRC) Buster Program

In response to recent events in the Gulf of Mexico, MSRC has purchased and outfitted their fleet with 24 NOFI Current Busters to enhance their capabilities. During the Deepwater Horizon incident in 2010 over fifty NOFI Current Buster Systems were utilized to aid in oil recovery. The addition of the Current Buster 2’s and Current Buster 4’s have increased MSRC’s encounter rate drastically. The NOFI Current Buster Technology is one of the worlds most efficient and advanced oil containment and recovery systems. Capable of containing and controlling oil in up to 5 knots towing speed without losing any of the contained oil.



2013 – 2014 Tesoro High Plains Pipeline

QualiTech Environmental supplied several emergency responders in addition to subject matter experts in response to an inland pipeline release. QualiTech Environmental continues to lead project management through the remediation process for Tesoro High Plains Pipeline.


2013 Kirby Marine Texas City Y Incident

In response to the largest incident in the Gulf of Mexico since the Macondo Well Blowout, QualiTech Environmental staffed many emergency responders along with Incident Command System experts. QualiTech Environmental provided supervisors in assisting with shoreline cleanup as well as barge offloading and salvage.



2013 – Lac-Mégantic Derailment

QualiTech Environmental lead the incident management with Meredith Management Group during the Lac-Mégantic disaster. This included the salvage of the derailed 74-car crude train as well as oil recovery.


2012 – 2014 Alyeska Pipeline Service Company – Open Water Skimmer Enhancement

QualiTech Environmental lead the project management for the 450-6-enhancement program. From the original proof of concept in 2012 through shipyard and installation QualiTech Environmental was the project manager representing the shippers that help fund The Ship Escort/Response Vessel System (SERVS).



2010-11 Deepwater Horizon Incident

QualiTech Environmental supplied several Subject Matter Experts and experienced spill response management personnel to BP through our agreement with O’Brien’s Response Management. Additionally, with our extensive network of industry contacts and manufacturers we assisted BP in sourcing, securing, transporting and implementing oil containment boom and oil recovery systems from all over the World.


2010 Enbridge Pipeline

QualiTech Environmental provided spill management personnel and fast water response expertise during the response to a release in the Kalamazoo River.


2006 Alyeska

Alyeska has received delivery of more shallow water boom vanes, standard boom vanes, and the new Ocean Boom Vane for their river protection program, Valdez Port and open water recovery. They have been a supporter of the Boom Vane for years.


2005-2006 DBL 152

QualiTech Environmental headed up the submerged oil recovery. The oil had a specific gravity slightly heavier than water and almost all the oil sank to the bottom of the gulf. With the help of Foilex pumps, we were able to recover a sizable quantity of oil.


2005 Athos Spill Response

QualiTech Environmental played a key role in the response effort for the Athos 1. We supplied equipment and management personnel to facilitate the cleanup effort.


2005 Katrina / Murphy Oil

QualiTech Environmental provided supervision and support for many of the spills that resulted from hurricane Katrina all over the state of Louisiana.