QualiTech® takes pride in our reputation for quality manufacturing that is flexible and responsive to the rapidly changing needs of our customers. This reputation has been built and repeatedly proven for over 40 years. Our policy of Quality Assurance is based on standards derived from our experience and expertise in human food ingredient manufacturing, where we have achieved certification from the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). Our manufacturing plant and equipment are routinely inspected by authorities and customers. We are certified under the AFIA Safe Feed/Safe Food system. Our philosophy is incorporated in everything we do. It is best summarized by this statement from our President and CEO, Cory Ploen:

“QualiTech produces and delivers safe and quality products which enhances our customers’ business and meets or exceeds their expectations.

The Company achieves this through investment in the business and people and the total commitment of the Owners, Management and all Associates to the design, implementation and execution of the QualiTech Food Safety & Quality System. This system is based on the highest standards of food safety and quality assurance, and incorporates a philosophy of continuous improvement; we are dedicated to this purpose.”


The QualiTech Food Safety & Quality system is based upon HACCP and a total risk-assessed analysis of all support programs. Every component of the process from initial product development to final product shipping is studied by a multi-disciplined team for potential risks to the product or its animal. Policies, Operating Procedures and Recording Systems are then designed to control any possible risk. A full document control system is in place, together with preventative maintenance, employee training, internal audits of procedures, and equipment calibration checks.

Quality Vendors & Ingredients

Quality production begins with quality ingredients. QualiTech has a preferred supplier program for all of our purchased ingredients. Once an ingredient is approved for use in our process, there is a continuous tracking program that is initiated. We monitor each ingredient for conformance to specifications, lead time and its economic value to the process.

Quality Manufacturing

We continuously challenge the ingredient’s viability to the final application. We have a full service laboratory in our facilities employing the latest analytical instrumentation:

  • High Pressure Liquid Chromatography for measuring vitamin and other non-volatile ingredients.
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry for measuring total metal ion content in our mineral products and premixes.

In addition to our own in-house testing, we also rely on outside labs for additional testing of our products.

Quality Packaging and Logistics

Tight quality assurance standards are set for each individual product and these parameters are then loaded into our computer system. Products cannot be shipped until each quality control standard is met and it is released by our Laboratory Manager.