Optimal bioavailability means you can Feed Less, Get More™

SQM protected minerals™ and vitamins from QualiTech help your poultry improve performance in a variety of important ways.

For layers, QualiTech products can support egg production and the quality of both eggs and shells. For broilers, QualiTech products can help improve breast meat yield, immunity, and skin condition. Breeders can benefit from QualiTech animal nutrition through improved immunity, egg shell quality and other key performance factors. Turkey producers can experience improved breast meat yield, body weight and feed conversion.

QualiTech products also provide essential components for your birds’ enzymes, hormones and cells.

Poultry Brochure

SQM Protected Minerals

SQM™ Protected Minerals for Poultry

Dura-C™ Protected Vitamin C

SQM™ Copper

SQM™ Iron

SQM™ Magnesium

SQM™ Manganese

SQM™ Zinc

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