A focus on bioavailability optimizes your investment.

Trace minerals and vitamins from QualiTech help your beef cattle improve performance in a variety of important ways including optimal growth, immunity, hoof health and reproduction. QualiTech products also provide essential components for your animals’ enzymes, hormones and cells.

Our line of rumen-protected nutrients help ensure that the investment you make in nutrition is getting where it needs to go—and doing what it needs to do.

Trace minerals and immunity in beef cattle

What is cow reproduction worth to you

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SQM™ Copper

SQM™ Iron

SQM™ Magnesium

SQM™ Manganese

SQM™ Zinc

SQM™ Repro-4-Mins

SQM™ 4 S/R

SQM™ Ranch Repro-4-Mins



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