QualiTech Precision Micronutrients

Rumen-Protected Nutrition

QualiTech rumen-protected nutrients are mixed with a complex lipid matrix, which protects them as they pass through the rumen and into the small intestine, where the lipid coating begins to digest—and the nutrients are released at the point of optimal absorption. QualiTech rumen-protect nutrients are specifically manufactured to reduce residence time in the rumen and to deliver more nutrients to the small intestine.

ANEVIS rumen-protected niacin



BOVI-LYSINE™ rumen-protected lysine is an alternative to feeding blood meal or other lysine sources. Validated at the University of New Hampshire by Charles G. Schwab, Ph.D., BOVI-LYSINE™ is 47% rumen-protected lysine and delivers 12.69 grams of intestinally-available lysine per 100 grams of product fed. When comparing the product price based on the 27% bioavailability, BOVI-LYSINE™ is one of the most economical rumen-protected lysine products available.

ANEVIS Rumen-Protected Niacin

ANEVIS™ rumen-protected niacin helps ensure that your investment in niacin gets where it is supposed to go—and does what it is supposed to do for your dairy cows.

Using a complex lipid matrix, ANEVIS protects the niacin from rumen microbial organisms that typically degrade raw niacin. Research indicates that 66.7% of the niacin found in ANEVIS is delivered to the small intestine—and ANEVIS provides nearly 8 times the amount of niacin delivered to the bloodstream compared to raw niacin.

ANEVIS (ah-NEE-vis) is inspired by the Latin word nevis meaning “no stress”—and reducing stress is the primary benefit of adding niacin to the rations of high-producing dairy cows. Unfortunately, as much as 95% of raw niacin may be broken down by rumen microflora before it ever reaches the small intestine, where it’s actually absorbed. As a result, dairymen have been forced to choose between feeding large amounts of raw niacin, hoping enough will make it through, or not adding any niacin at all to the rations of stressed cattle—which is certainly costing producers money. That difficult and expensive choice has been eliminated with ANEVIS™ rumen-protected niacin from QualiTech.


Bovi-C™ from QualiTech is a rumen-protected vitamin C with more than 50% rumen bypass potential. Bovi-C™ is an all-natural product designed to improve your calf receiving program.

Dura-C™ Protected Vitamin C

Dura-C™ Protected Vitamin C from QualiTech is a unique formula for improved Vitamin C in poultry diets. Two concentrations of Vitamin C are available: 80% and 35%.

Dura-C™ provides the following benefits to poultry producers:

  • Proprietary technology increases durability during feed handling and processing
  • Highly stable formulation helps optimize bioavailability and performance

Vitamin C supplementation improves antioxidant response, assists with the formation of connective tissue and bone matrix, and supports both immune function and reproductive performance. Research has also shown that Vitamin C supplementation may alleviate the effects of heat stress and may influence the incidence of Wooden Breast Syndrome in broilers.


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