Custom Blended Products

QualiTech has the experience, manufacturing capability and flexibility necessary to create special formulations that match your requirements, management practices and performance objectives. Specialty blended products such as electrolytes and dispersibles are available, as are custom supplement formulations for a wide variety of species.

We manufacture a number of standard premixes for a number of livestock species and pets. If one of our standard premixes does not meet your requirements or if you would like a more complete supplement, our sales representatives and nutritionists would be happy to work with your formula to create the product you need*. We also have a variety of packaging options from small individual dose pouches to fifty-pound bags and totes.

QualiTech standard mineral premixes include:

SQM 4 Beef

SQM 4 Canine

SQM™ 4 Swine

SQM 4 Dairy

SQM™ Repro-4-Mins

SQM™ 4 S/R

SQM™ Ranch Repro-4-Mins

*Volume and ingredient restrictions may apply. Please consult your QualiTech sales representative or nutritionist for more information.