You’re feeding trace minerals. Are they getting used?
Are they getting past digestive antagonists and into the small intestine where they can be absorbed and make a difference? They are if you feed SQM organic trace minerals.

Proven bioavailability.

Nutritionists and other experts agree that trace minerals play an important role in animal growth, health and performance – if those minerals get absorbed by your animals. Low or variable bioavailability can mean some mineral products never get absorbed, never get used.

The bioavailability of SQM is proven. Only SQM organic trace minerals use PolyTransport technology, effectively delivering the bioavailable trace minerals animals need to ward off problems, stay strong in harsh conditions and realize their potential. With SQM, you can be confident the trace minerals you’re feeding will get absorbed so your animals can thrive.

Trace mineral results.

SQM minerals get in, get absorbed and get to work. SQM nourishes and strengthens beef cattle, dairy cows, swine, poultry, equine and other species by supporting the following:

  • Optimum overall animal health
  • Robust reproductive performance
  • Excellent hoof health
  • Strong immune function


SQM Trace Mineral Technology