The proof is in the plant.

In testing by university researchers, agronomists and crop consultants, QMIN complexed nutrients™ have proven to have safe and rapid uptake on a wide variety of crops, including almonds, pistachios, corn, broccoli, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, melons, strawberries and grapes. In addition, QMIN™ products have high compatibility with most fertilizers and pesticides in foliar and soil applications.

Following are the results of research trials using QMIN™ nutrients on a variety of specialty crops:

Calcium in Melons

QMIN™ nutrients move to the growing point of the plant. When foliar applied to the center of a melon bed, QMIN increased calcium in the unsprayed/new growth runner tips by nearly 15 percent.

Foliar Zinc Uptake in Various Specialty Crops

QMIN™ demonstrates foliar uptake across a variety of crops. During two years of testing, QMIN™ zinc increased tissue concentration by more than 100 percent as compared to the untreated control when averaged across almond, broccoli, head lettuce, pistachio, romaine, spinach and tomato crops.

Soil-Applied Zinc in Almonds

At an independent research farm in California, QMIN Zinc 7.5 percent was compared to a 9 percent Zinc EDTA in a soil applied replicated trial. Both products were added to an 8-8-8 fertilizer blend then shanked into the center of 30-inch beds at a 4-inch depth. Lettuce was transplanted directly over the fertilizer band in each treatment.