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CarboPak™ is a microbe stimulant for soil application to crops. This product contains no plant nutrients.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Acids and polysaccharides

DIRECTION FOR USE: Mix 0.25 – 1 lb CarboPak™ with 1lb. PeKacid™* or other compatible fertilizer** in 1 gallon of water.

* PeKacid™ is a registered trademark of ICL Fertilizers
**Determine compatibility by conducting a jar test with your facilities blending water

QualiTech, Inc. warrants that this material conforms to the chemical description on the label and is reasonably fit for the purposes referred to in the crop recommendations and the directions for use, and when this material is used in strict accordance with those recommendations and directions under normal conditions of use. QualiTech, Inc. makes no other express or implied warranties or representations, including any other express or implied warranty of fitness or merchantability. No employee or representative of QualiTech, Inc., or its distributors is authorized to do so, unless such change is made in writing with a specific reference to this warranty, and signed by an Officer of QualiTech, Inc. at its Home Office. Such warranty shall be limited to direct damages, and shall not include any consequential personal or commercial damages.