QualiTech Palatability Modifiers

Flavors help maintain consistent feed consumption, maximizing feed intake and growth. Feedbuds® are custom formulated using ingredients which have been proven to increase the palatability of animal feeds. They are complex mixtures of attractant and masking compounds which impart the appropriate type of aroma and flavor at the optimal level.

If you are concerned about early weaning of young animals, maximized feed intake, standardizing feeding rations, making high quality feeds more acceptable to your stock, increasing or maintaining consumption of milk replacers, Feedbuds® Flavor systems are the right choice.

Dry Products

  • Anise-Fenugreek Buds
  • Anise-Molasses Buds
  • Butterscotch Savour
  • Calf Buds Plus
  • Caramel Delight
  • Dairy Rave
  • Dry Garlic
  • Licorice Buds
  • Milk Buds
  • Molasses 100
  • Pig Plus Delight

Liquid Products

  • Anise Concentrate
  • Apple Concentrate
  • Butterscotch Concentrate
  • Caramel Aroma Concentrate
  • Super Caramel Concentrate
  • Cherry Concentrate
  • Enhanced Milk Buds FS
  • Fresh Milk Enhancer
  • Garlic Liquid
  • Milk Buds FS
  • Molasses 100 Concentrate
  • Persimmon Concentrate
  • Standard Berry Flavor
  • Very Berry Concentrate

Feedbuds is best for Dairy, Beef, Equine, Swine, Poultry, Pet and Aquaculture.


QualiTech’s sweetener products take advantage of both senses of smell and taste. Livestock have heightened abilities for both smell and taste, thus can be attracted to favorable combinations of both to increase or stabilize feed intake. Livestock are also creatures of habit, especially dairy cattle. Using one of QualiTech’s proprietary sweeteners helps to keep a consistent flavor in front of the animals to avoid potential feed rejections when commodity sources or consistency changes.

  • Inhance
  • Accelerate Apple
  • Accelerate Berry
  • Accelerate Cantaloupe

Intake Limiters

In many situations, maximizing animal intake is important; however, this is not always the case. For those situations where control of animal intake is necessary, QualiTech produces an intake limiting product to help keep intake levels down. These are especially important in supplements fed to cattle on pasture where overconsumption can be a problem. Overconsumption of protein and energy supplements can be costly and when intake of mineral supplements is excessive some of the mineral may simply pass through the animal. Get your animal’s intake under control, use a limiter when necessary.

  • Bitter Orange