A few short miles from the bluffs of the Minnesota River, on the southwestern fringe of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, sits the international head quarters of a dynamic manufacturing company linked intricately into the world’s food chain. QualiTech®, located in Chaska, Minnesota, was founded in 1967 and is now solely owned by Del Ploen, one of the founders, and his four sons. All of the Ploens are actively involved in the current businesses.

QualiTech® has been competing successfully with the giants of the agricultural industry for more than 40 years. Beginning with just four employees and a small manufacturing facility, QualiTech® became a leading blender of vitamins, trace minerals and drug components for the animal feed industry. Combining these discrete ingredients led the company into the development of new techniques for blendability and formulation. Through the years, sophisticated processes, highly skilled technical staff and development capabilities were added; and today the firm provides product research, development and manufacturing to its clients worldwide.